Connecting People to
Soil Carbon Data.

Agricultural soil is part of the largest terrestrial carbon pool on earth. It can sink more. But we need scalable field data and integrated models to quantify and support climate-smart farm practices. We measure soil carbon to help farmers, researchers, project managers, and citizens make decisions.

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TSIP is building a continental-scale soil carbon inventory, held in public trust, providing actionable data to farmers, scientists and innovators in agriculture.

Field-Scale Data

TSIP measures how much carbon is in the ground, at low-cost.

Regional Comparison

TSIP delivers information about how land management impacts carbon storage.

Forecast carbon potential overtime

TSIP studies how land management impacts carbon storage with time.

Analysis for Better Decision-Making

TSIP helps link management practices to outcomes.

Everyone should be able to know how much carbon is in their ground, what that means, and how it changes over time.

TSIP Sampling App Available Now

The TSIP sampling mobile app allows anyone to collect soil samples and receive measurements on their lands. Available now in the App Store and Google Play Store as TSIP Field. Contact us to get started.

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